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tv   [untitled]    February 19, 2013 2:30pm-3:00pm PST

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i guess to me a san francisco executive director of a major agency like the mta needs to have an incredible definite versus knowledge of neighborhoods. those are like subject things that i would look for if there's any way to write in how you manage conflict especially b different versus cultural groups within our cities and i think that's really important. and that's why i think the staff is doing a great job >> okay nodded and i'm make sure we have that in the recruitment hand out. >> i think we should have the
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names of the people who the recruiter talks with. i think having conversations with some of the key folks in the mta i think the executive director having an understanding of what the feelings are between the orchids and where things need to go in terms of improving relations is important to have and something that could be considered is to be able to navigate through our departments. >> okay nodded. with that i'm looking for anna recommendation for the selection for the permanent executive director >> okay. and we'll open up for public comment.
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>> so thank you very much for the recommendation i'll move the recommendation. >> okay. and can we take that without recommendation? >> yes, thank you. okay. and number 4 >> this is new information item. >> and close the introduction. one of the things i discussed previous or did it publically i wanted to get a presentation at the full authority to talk about the plans for better market street and i would add in there being biking on market street i i was a little bit concerned about bike paths and i'm not sure it's even workable i think
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it would be good to have a presentation at the next full meeting. we can open this up for public comment. there is no one here we'll close public comment >> i move public comment be opened. >> since there's no one here i close public comment. >> i move we adjourn. we are
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?oo hi, i'm holly lee. i love cooking and you are watching quick bites. san francisco is a foodie town. we san franciscoans love our food and desserts are no exceptions. there are places that specialize in any and every dessert your heart desires, from hand made ice cream to organic cakes, artisan chocolate and cupcakes galore, the options are endless. anyone out there with a sweet tooth? then i have a great stop for you. i've been searching high and low for some great cookies and the buzz around town that anthony's are those cookies. with rave reviews like this i have to experience these cookies for myself and see what the fuss was all about. so let's see.
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while attending san francisco state university as an accountinging major, anthony's friend jokingly suggested he make cookies to make ends make. with no formal culinary training he opened his own bakery and is now the no. 1 producer of gourmet cookies in the biarea and thank you for joining us on quick bites. how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> so i want to get to the bottom of some very burning questions. why cookies? >> it was a recommendation from a friend. hard to believe that's how it all started. >> why not pies and cakes? what do you have against pies and cakes, anthony. >> i have nothing against pies and cakes. however, that was the recommendation. >> you were on the road to be
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an account apblt. >> actually, an engineer. >> even better. and it led to making cookies. >> in delicious ways. >> delicious ways. >> this is where the magic goes down and we're going to be getting to the truth behind cookies and cream. >> this is what is behind cookies and cream. >> where were you when the idea came to your mind. >> i was in my apartment eating ice cream, cookies and
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cream ice cream. how much fun, cookies and cream cookies. their cookies and cream is not even -- it took a lot of time, a lot of fun. >> a lot of butter. >> a lot, a lot, a lot. but it was one of those things. all right, now behold. you know what that is? >> what is that? >> cookies and cream. >> oh, they are beautiful. >> yes, so we got to get --. >> all right, all right. we treat the cookies like wine tasting. i don't ever want anybody to bite into a cookie and not get what they want to get. we're training staff because they can look at the cookie and tell if it's wrong.
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>> oh, here we go. >> you smell it and then you taste it, clean the plat palate with the milk. >> i could be a professional painter because i know how to do this. >> i can tell that it's a really nice shell, that nice crunch. >> but inside. >> oh, my god. so you are going to -- cheat a little bit. i had to give you a heads up on that. >> what's happening tomorrow? these cookies, there's a lot of love in these cookies. i don't know how else to say it. it really just makes me so happy. man, you bake a mean cookie, anthony. >> i know. people really know if they are getting something
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made with love. >> aww >> you know, you can't fool people. they know if you are taking shortcuts here and there. they can eat something and tell the care that went into it. they get what they expect. >> uh-huh. >> system development and things like that. >> sounds so technical. >> i'm an engineer. >> that's right, that's right. cookies are so good, drove all other thoughts out of my head. thank you for taking time out it talk to us about what you do and the love with which you do it. we appreciate your time here on quick bites. i hope you've enjoyed our delicious tale of defendant 93 and dessert. as for me, my
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search is over. those reviews did not lie. in fact, i'm thinking of one of my very own. some things you just have it experience for yourself. to learn more about anthony's cookies, visit him on the web at if you want to watch some of our other episodes at sfquickbites/ see .... >> i'm here to tell you that one billion rising is the biggest global axon the planet towards ending violence towards woman and girls. (applause). . today 20300s one billion rise something dancing up the
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will of the world to end vps against woman and girls once and for all we have expanded our list beyond country that is the united nations recognizes as countries and that is how large the response of your brother and is sisters around the world has been to this call and together we will make it so that this issue is never marginalized again. sphrafertion you have been rising all day long from coaching and marching across the bay bridge this morning. dancers who were just here now and trans for grace cathedral for welcoming us andel rio tonight will be tans adancing all night long and what better place to rise than at san francisco's beautiful city hall and to celebrate van tine's day on the steps with mayor lee and president chiu and all of the elect of the officials and leaders and jewelery and all of
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woman in ant violence leader whore here and add are doing this work everyday along side all of you need i thank san francisco for riding san francisco is a very special place to be. as executive director i now live here it's a very special place and she send her love today from the congo. i just spoke to her today before we came on. i want to personally thank every single person in the mayor's office in the d a's office in the department of commission of status of woman, every single agency that works on this issue everyday from the bottom of my heart, and eve sends her love and thank you as well you have made made this rising happen and every single unof you have and on that node, i would like to welcome mayor lee. thank you. (applause) . all right how are you all doing?
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well anita and i came together to join the a g a s c o n -- the fabulous -- isn't she fabulous our president dave chiu and awful members of the board of supervisors are here and the commission on the status of woman, the department on the status of woman julie chiu is our president mand lee mand hara and suzy swan give them a big big hand for organizing this event in san francisco. we support the one billion rising because of it empowers the rise of woman, girls and all of the reds dents in san francisco to take a stand against violence in our home, in our city, and throughout the world. and just think if woman were equally included in decision-making around the
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world, there would be no economic disaster throughout the world. (applause) so today, as part of dancing and part of celebrating the important message that we all stand united together to take the pledge to end violence against woman and girls for good. so let's do this together. are you ready? four the pledge?. oh, okay... all right i just want to get you ready. we will be back in a very short second for this pledge. i have to listen to the woman on this thing. you bet mr. mayor. san francisco are we ready?
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yeah. >> are we rising? yeah. >> let's show the world that san francisco can be counted on, just think about it for a moment one out of every three woman will be sexually a abused or assaulted in their lifetime that has to stop. and we here in san francisco are going to show no tolerance or abuse against young girls and woman. are we ready? yeah. >> are we rising? yeah. >> i have to take a moment to thank some people first, i want to thank my beautiful wife. who's just an incredible woman she is the anchor in my life and someone that i appreciate so dearly. and i want to thank you so much for everything that you do and for your commitment to
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ending violence against woman. i also want to thank mayor lee because whether he was a approached with the idea of doing this, he immediately said yes. thank you mayor lee. thank you and to the family and i want to thank the organizers who very early on came together and said, fraction will stand up and be counted and i want to thank our board of supervisor and is people like myself specifically reb beck ray pro exam when i came up and said, rebecca we have to help get this going and she said, no problem where is rebecca give her a round of a plews people. okay i guess we are ready to move on and the only thing that i want to ask all of you is that when i dance, i want to dance also do not laugh. because i'm a horrible dancer. rp so let's go on with the program david i'm
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going introduce the president of the board of supervisors david chiu. >> thank you. is anybody here ready to be hart parte of a revolution? do we have anyone here ready to rise?. yeah. >> are we here to say "no," to violence against woman and children. on behalf of the board of supervisors and i want to that you and say happy valentine's day and thank you for being part of our city of love and revolution and in 1967, san francisco started the city of love. on 2004, on valentine's day san franciscans stood up for love by showing that our l g b t couples should mary and today on valentine's day in 2013, we are saying it again. we are the city that shows that we know how to love and saying that real love does not involve violence against woman and against girls and
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against children i want i want to also take a moment and give a shout-out to all of the men vagina friendly warriors are standing here with woman thank you for being here. and i want to take a moment just a moment of reveals 12 year ago there was an immigrant woman named claire tam panic geo[spelling?] who was brutely murdered and i want to thank each of you from the domestic violence tweunt community 12 year ago who say to the policy makers no, we must come together. our work is not done. let me tell that you the late etc. report shows that the domestic violence crisis hot lines of the past year forty seven% more calls and necessary domestic violence centers 29 more beds retired and our district attorney has much to prosecute
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88% more cases in the last two years and i want to thank my colleagues from the board of supervisors because this week we agreed to put in half a million dollars more money into the domestic violence work. thank you colleagues. >> (applause) in closing, this past month, we separated the 50th an anniversary of martin luther kin's "i had a speech," and we know that we all here have a dream look around you today we represent the diversity of san francisco around the world and we all have a dream that some day, every woman and every child in this world will not have to worry about violence. we will take care of our children chirp. and this is a dream we know that will come true if we all rise not just 8pm hundred thousand san franciscans but one billion citizens around the world thank you for being here. (applause) .
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hello san francisco. i have a voice, so i'm rising. my voice can save a life can your voice save a life?. yeah. >> imagine if each voice can save a life we cannot do it alone but as an entire city we have so many innovative programs here in san francisco it tax the minimums from our mayor and d a and our law enforcement and thank you to the board of supervisors for protoing additional funds so our partner agencies can serve all of the woman who need help in san francisco we have got to say stop no more violence, no more assaults no more rapes can i hear you shout out yes, a revolution against violence against woman? san francisco reflects the
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world. we provide services in over 65 languages, woman are currently turned away because we don't have enough services so thank you for the funning board of supervisors and i'm proud to announce that san francisco has also received funds from the federal government. president back barrack obama and the department of justice has recognized the great events that san francisco has started and want us to continue to acted indicate violence here in san francisco and start a global movement. (applause) everyone here is touched by domestic violence. if you say you do know, it may be your co worker it could be your sister who doesn't want to speak out it could be your mother or grand mother. i do this in memory of a fellow co worker a fellow public sector attorney laura sweat who was murdered by her husband and in that moment, two
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young children were left without a mother. i do this in her memory and in hope that her children will no longer see anymore violence and i do this in the hope that the world will see no more violence. thank you for joining one billion rising. you have the power to save lives. (applause) thank you julie sue the president of the commission and the status of woman. are there vagina's around? yeah are there pussies here? , my name is medical knee mand har and i'm the president of the fill phenowoman's network one of the organizers of these events tonight. and i'm a survivor of domestic violence i i'm here ton because when i was 22 -years-old i didn't know that i could love my a
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beautiful marriage i rise tonight because when i was 26 -years-old i didn't know administrator could you please tellless other woman suffering like me. i rise tonight because i did not know that my children and i could have a life without fear and violence. i rise tonight because it took me many many years with the help of community members before i was able to tell anyone about the violence and to ask for help. i rise tonight because tonight, i know that what happened to me, was not my fault. i demand tonight and every night that we as a community of loving and caring people speak up and extend help when we see or hear about violence against girls and i demand tonight and every night that we as a community we as a
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community of loud and strong activists, will shout enough enough stop the violence now. i demand tonight and every night that we as a community violence against woman with explicitting protocols which aid in -- to introduce new paradigms like wattive v day has done today with one billion rising worldwide an action that has shift us about violence against woman and girls. girls, i demand that tonight and every night that there is a community of mothers and fathers and grand mothers and grandfathers neighbors and friends brothers and stand together with woman and girls in san francisco and i stand
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tonight in the name of claire joyce sin fan coa 28 -years-old filipino woman murdered in front of her young children and i also stand topped in the memory of julie frays cowho was board of trusteesly beat to death on her birthday because she want today leave her a beautiful marriage. i stand tonight in memory of marriesa corpus who was savagely stabbed to death by her husband after he completed his goo week battle intersection program and i stand for nicole who survived rape by u.s. you guys military. and so i ask you to stand with me to say no to domestic violence so rape and sexual crime to say no to human


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